Implements Basic Encoding Rules parsing to be mixed into types as needed.



The universal, built-in ASN.1 BER syntax.

Public Instance Methods

read_ber(syntax = nil) click to toggle source

Reads a BER object from the including object. Requires that #getbyte is implemented on the including object and that it returns a Fixnum value. Also requires #read(bytes) to work.

This does not work with non-blocking I/O.

# File lib/net/ber/ber_parser.rb, line 151
def read_ber(syntax = nil)
  # TODO: clean this up so it works properly with partial packets coming
  # from streams that don't block when we ask for more data (like
  # StringIOs). At it is, this can throw TypeErrors and other nasties.

  id = getbyte or return nil  # don't trash this value, we'll use it later
  content_length = read_ber_length

  if -1 == content_length
    raise Net::BER::BerError, "Indeterminite BER content length not implemented."
    data = read(content_length)

  parse_ber_object(syntax, id, data)


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